Network Your Business Beyond Boundaries | Why Networking Your Business Is One Of The Most Important Steps You Can Take
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Why Networking Your Business Is One Of The Most Important Steps You Can Take




Why Networking Your Business Is One Of The Most Important Steps You Can Take

When you think of networking, does computers spring to mind or perhaps those laborious business breakfast meetings at 7am where you have to fight gnarly tiredness and put on your business face?

Did you know that pretty soon the only game in town will be centred around the businesses that engage a networked model? Or to put it another way, the organisation that brings a network model to your industry will dominate. I say that not to cause alarm as much as to reflect the inevitable evolution that has already happened in other sectors.
“OK,” I hear you say, “but Facebook and Ubér and AirBnB are all massive global success stories. You are surely not saying that we could be the next Ubér?”

Well no, I am not saying that, but I am saying that if an Ubér style entity entered your sector, what would you do about it, how would you react to it? Plus, what if what you have inside your business could be configured in such a manner? Are you certain that you cannot develop your IP, your skills, your experience and knowledge? Are you sure that you can’t engage the connections that you inevitably have? Are you certain that you cannot apply new methods to attract a bigger pipeline of clients than you have ever had before? If you are so certain on these aspects, then I am sure that there is nothing for you to do other than what you have always done, after all, that’s served you pretty well so far hasn’t it?

But, before you write off these future options, let’s just take a minute to look at some facts. No one would argue that the whole world is changing; seemingly immovable entities have already moved,socially, politically, economically and technologically. Everyone has already been impacted by these changes. In business, as well as  those mega success stories I mentioned, there are changes in more rudimentary areas, such as workforce demographics. There are people continuing to work beyond retirement and there are young people coming out of education with entirely different aspirations and expectations from previous generations; they are tech savvy and are open to new processes and procedures whilst being less excited by certain established aspects of the business world.

Technology is moving at a remarkable rate, many feel inundated and confused by it all, installing software and systems that may not ever be fully utilised or aligned and may even be adding to workloads and stress rather than relieving it. Then there is the cost etc, all very daunting. All of this, whilst more and more legislation and compliance is needed in just about every corner of the business.

“OK, so yes, it’s pretty tough at the moment, so what has this all to do with building a network business model?” you say. Well just about everything. Establishing a network capability means that from the very start you are able to capture access to expertise, association, partnerships and new channels to market that would never have been easily sourced by other routes. Similarly, you will see how to build exponential service channels and a much bigger client base than is currently available. And, by building it quickly and effectively you generate immediate momentum. So who is to say that you cannot be at the helm of the network leader in your sector. One thing is for certain, if it isn’t you, it will be somebody else.

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Future Proof Your Business

Future Proof Your Business

Future success will be determined by how technology is used to liberate traditional processes, systems and procedures and how it reaches more people in ways previously impossible.

Network Your Business Beyond Boundaries

Network Your Business Beyond Boundaries

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