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Business Development & Transformation

Business Development & Transformation

In 2014, when we launched our Company, we decided that we should name it to describe exactly what it does, so we called it Business Development and Transformation.

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It was started with an express purpose; to be poised to support clients navigate the new and emergent disruptive economies. BD&T is a disruptive company. We do not operate like most organisations. We are already a Networked Organisation with relationships and connections globally.

In a world where social, political and technological change means that the old methods are mostly moribund, many of the experts of the past are finding they don’t know what to do. The hard fact is that many of the professional services, accountancy, legal and financial services of today, quite possibly will not be around in the next few years. Kodak and Nokia are well documented cases of businesses who made the wrong call …

There is a flip side to this coin. The opportunities this change is bringing are exponential. New market leaders will emerge, and quickly. And those traditional companies who move quickly to embrace the new opportunities of networked business will open up previously unattainable markets.



Seeing the tremendous changes in workplace environments, the huge expansion of social media, wearable tech, IoT, IoV and of course the massive success of network companies, we realised that to be a success in the near future, a business must leverage not only tech, but people, in order to create a force multiplication beyond previous capabilities.

To manage exponential growth, the future winners must access additional assets beyond traditional owned capital assets.

It is these aspects that we model for out clients so that they can build and evolve their business model from its traditional format to a networkable version. To create a business …


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We help businesses evolve by understanding their changing market and choosing the right time to move from their existing business model to a new model.

We help you to prepare for the changing environment, for what the new generation of emerging customers will mean for you business, and we help you to ensure that you have the right business waiting for them.

Companies will only survive if they adapt quickly and stay in tune with their customers’ changing habits.

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Business Beyond Boundaries

Business Beyond Boundaries

Once you have evaluated the key aspects of your traditional business model and then designed and implemented your digital network proposition inside your existing infrastructure, we support the transformation of your business to be truly “Beyond Boundaries.”

We innovate a set of options for building a network based human business that is supported by harmonious and scalable digital assets.

We provide leverage opportunities that go beyond traditional infrastructure to provide:

  • Future proofing for your business

  • High growth through new channels

  • Low cost base and operating resources

  • Massive potential brand exposure

Our team has extensive expertise in business development and transformation across a range of sectors and organisations. Our solutions are bespoke, harness the intangible assets within your business, align with the event horizon of technological development and the transformations in society.

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We Work With You To Build Your Own Unique Model

Our team brings a wealth of experience across a wide range of sectors and businesses of all sizes. We operate at thought leadership level, translating current trends and analysis into workable strategies and models to optimise your business. We understand the real issues facing businesses today and will support you to navigate your way to be a business of tomorrow.

Network Your Business Beyond Boundaries

Network Your Business Beyond Boundaries

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We Help You To Scale Up And Manage The Change Shift Process

Its been so beneficial for our business to work with the team at BD&T, they were the only people we could find that made a daunting task simple, quick and effective to apply. It's easy to change habits and methods when you see the effect immediately. They seem to have nailed the tricky combination of people and technology and they all have such a great attitude, it's infectious. Owner/CEO technical engineering Cambridge

BD&T are excellent. Their process is fast and immediate. And we have recommended them already. Operations Director Logistics and storage Manchester

At first were unsure about building a network based business model, but I am happy to report that it's been an eye opener, we thought that building networks was for global business, now ironically we do business internationally which was always our aim but we never quite got around to it, now the market comes to us, it's so refreshing. MD Manufacturing West Midlands

We were introduced to BD&T by a mutual third party connection who suggested that we should look at new ways of developing our business as we had quite frankly reached a point where sales growth had stalled and everything we did seemed to add costs and time. Before we met, we were nervous as previously we have had very disappointing experiences with so called experts none of whom added any value and only delayed and confused us. The BD&T experience was fast and much easier than we anticipated, the analysis phase didn't take long and within a week we were implementing changes that have now, 6 months in seen our revenue stream increase and we are set to increase bottom line profit by over 60%. MD Business Services Hampshire

“All business is about to change – decide if you are a predator or prey because unless you are ready when a network business enters your sector, you will have no choice.”